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2The image of thy blush and summer's honour,
3Whilst in her tender green she doth enclose
4That pure sweet beauty time bestows upon her.
5No sooner spreads her glory in the air
6But straight her full-blown pride is in declining;
7She then is scorn'd that late adorn'd the fair:
8So clouds thy beauty after fairest shining.
9No April can revive thy wither'd flowers,
10Whose blooming grace adorns thy beauty now;
11Swift speedy time, feather'd with flying hours,
12Dissolves the beauty of the fairest brow.
13O let not then such riches waste in vain,
14But love whilst that thou mayst be lov'd again.


1] See note above. Based on Tasso, Ger. Lib. XVI, 14-15. Cf. Spenser, Faerie Queene, II, XII, xxiv-v, which are based on the same original. Back to Line