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3For news is carried too and fro that we must forth to warfare go.
5Faint not, spend blood, to do your Queen and country good!
6Fair words, good pay, will make men cast all care away.
8Methinks I hear the drum strike doleful marches to the field.
10The roaring guns are heard afar, and every thing denounceth war.
11Serve God, stand stout! bold courage brings this gear about.
12Fear not, forth run! faint heart, fair Lady never won.
14Abroad and see new sights, your country's cause calls you away.
15Do not, to make your Ladies game, bring blemish to your worthy name!
16Away to field, and win renown, with courage beat your enemies down!
17Stout hearts gain praise, when dastards sail in slander's seas.
18Hap what hap shall, we sure shall die but once for all.
19Alarm! methinks they cry, be packing, mates, be gone with speed!
20Our foes are very nigh, shame have that man that shrinks at need!
21Unto it boldly, let us stand! God will give right the upper hand.
22Our cause is good, we need not doubt, in sign of courage give a shout!
23March forth, be strong! good hap will come ere it be long.
25All you that will shun evil must dwell in warfare every day.
26The world, the flesh and Devil always do seek our souls' decay.
27Strive with these foes with all your might, so shall you fight a worthy fight.
28That conquest doth deserve most praise where vice do yield to virtue's ways.
29Beat down foul sin, a worthy crown then shall ye win.
30If we live well, in heaven with Christ our souls shall dwell.


1] Brutus: mythical founder of Britain. Back to Line
2] brunt: charge. Back to Line
4] prest: pressed into service. Back to Line
7] corselet: body armour. Back to Line
9] tantara: flourish or fanfare of trumpets. Back to Line
13] curious: cautious, fastidious. carpet knights: those whose deeds are fought mainly on carpets of ladies' chambers. Back to Line
24] bear the bell: be victorious. Back to Line