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Edna St. Vincent Millay, Second April (New York: Mitchell Kennerley, 1921): 64-65. B-11 3143 Fisher Rare Book Library.
1Listen, children:
2Your father is dead.
3From his old coats
4I'll make you little jackets;
5I'll make you little trousers
6From his old pants.
7There'll be in his pockets
8Things he used to put there,
9Keys and pennies
10Covered with tobacco;
11Dan shall have the pennies
12To save in his bank;
13Anne shall have the keys
14To make a pretty noise with.
15Life must go on,
16And the dead be forgotten;
17Life must go on,
18Though good men die;
19Anne, eat your breakfast;
20Dan, take your medicine;
21Life must go on;
22I forget just why.
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