Weir, Robert Stanley

Weir, Robert Stanley (1856 - 1926)

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"Robert Stanley Weir (1856-1926) was born in Hamilton, in what was then Canada West. He took all his higher education in Montreal, and was qualified for both teaching and the law. He chose law and rose rapidly in the profession, becoming in due course, like Routhier, a judge first as Recorder of the City of Montréal and later to the Exchequer Court of Canada (now the Federal Court of Canada). He wrote both learned legal works and poetry, and his fame as a writer won him election as a Fellow of the Royal Society which Routhier had helped found." (Government of Canada Web site)

Given Name
Robert Stanley
Family Name
Birth Date
November 15, 1856
Death Date
August 20, 1926
  • Judge

Literary Period
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