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Shirley Brooks, & (London: Bradbudy, Agnew, & CO., 1875): 284-285.

1Of all the types in a printer's hand,
2Commend me to the Amperzand,
3For he's the gentleman, (seems to me)
4Of the typographical companie.
5   O my nice little Amperzand,
6   My graceful, swanlike Amperzand.
7   Nothing that Cadmus ever planned
8   Equals my elegant Amperzand !
9He's never bothered, like A.B.C.
10In Index, Guide, and Directorie :
11He's never stuck on a Peeler's coat,
12Nor hung to show where the folks must vote.
13   No, my little Amperzand,
14   My plump and curly Amperzand,
15   When I've a pen in a listless hand,
16   I'm always making an Amperzand!
17Many a letter your writers hate,
18Ugly q, with his tail so straight,
19x, that makes you cross as a bear,
20And z, that helps you with zouns to swear.
21   But not my nice little Amperzand,
22   My easily dashed off Amperzand,
23   Any odd shape folks understand
24   To mean my Protean Amperzand!
25Nothing for him that's starch or stiff,
26Never he's used in scold or tiff,
27State epistles, so dull and grand,
28Mustn't contain the shortened and.
29   No, my nice little Amperzand,
30   You're good for those who're jolly and bland,
31   In days when letters were dried with sand
32   Old Frumps wouldn't use my Amberzand!
33But he is dear in old friendship's call,
34Or when love is laughing through lady-scrawl :
35"Come & dine, & have bachelor's fare."
36"Come, & I'll keep you a Round & Square."
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Ian Lancashire, assisted by Ana Berdinskikh
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