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On this day: May 27th

Random Poem of the Day

2I can hear the swish of the scythe-strokes, four
3Sharp breaths taken: yea, and I
4Am sorry for what's in store.
5The first man out of the four that's mowing
6Is mine, I claim him once and for all;
7Though it's sorry I am, on his young feet, knowing
8None of the trouble he's led to stall.
9As he sees me bringing the dinner, he lifts
10His head as proud as a deer that looks
11Shoulder-deep out of the corn; and wipes
12His scythe-blade bright, unhooks
13The scythe-stone and over the stubble to me.
15Laddie, a man thou'lt ha'e to be,
16Yea, though I'm sorry for thee.


1] Isar: river flowing from the Tirol in Austria andinto the Danube in Germany. Back to Line
14] thou: 2nd-person pronoun of affection. Back to Line