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3That vertue if it once met with our eyes,
4Strange flames of Loue it in our soules would rayse.
5But for that man with paine this trueth descries,
6Whiles he each thing in senses ballance wayes,
7And so nor will, nor can behold those skies,
8Which inward sunns to Heroick mind displaies.
10Loue of her selfe, tooke Stellas shape, that she
11To mortall eyes might sweetly shine in her.
12It is most true, for since I her did see,
13Vertues great beautie in that face I proue,
14And find th'effect, for I do burne in loue.


1] wisest scholler: In Plato’s Apology, Socrates recounts how Chaerephon asked the Delphic oracle if anyone was wiser than Socrates, and the oracle said there was no one wiser. Back to Line
2] Phœbus doome: Apollo’s doom is the Delphic oracle where he spoke through a priestess, at times ordering murder. Back to Line
9] to ster: to stir (to arouse, to excite, to provoke) Back to Line