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1She sits a queen whom none shall dare despoil,
2    Her crown the sun, her guard the vigilant sea,
3    And round her throne are gathered, stalwart, free,
4A people proud, yet stooping to the soil,
5Patient to swell her greatness with their toil,
6    And swift to leave, should dire occasion be,
7    The mine, the flock, the desk, the furrowed lea,
8And force the invader to a dark recoil.
9Yet as she gazes o'er the plains that lie
10    Fruitful about her throne, she sighs full sore
11To see the barriers Greed has builded high,
12    Dividing them who brothers were before,
13When still they dwelt beneath a sterner sky
14    And heard the thunders of a wilder shore.