Raleigh, Walter Alexander

Raleigh, Walter Alexander (1861 - 1922)


Born September 5, 1861, Walter Alexander Raleigh received his education at the City of London School, Edinburgh Academy, University College London, and King's College Cambridge. His academic appointments were as Professor of English Literature at the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College in Aligarh (1885-87), Professor of Modern Literature at the University College Liverpool (1890-1900), Chair of English Language and Literature at Glasgow University (1900-1904), and Chair of English Literature at Oxford (1904-22). Until 1914, when he turned to the war as his subject, Raleigh published works on many major English authors. His finest book may be the first volume of The War in the Air (1922). He died from typhoid (contracted during a visit to the Near East) on May 13, 1922, survived by his wife Lucie Gertrude and their four sons and one daughter. His son Hilary edited his light prose, verse, and plays in Laughter from a Cloud (1923).

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Given Name
Walter Alexander
Family Name
Birth Date
September 5, 1861
Death Date
May 13, 1922
Family Relations
wife : Lucie Gertrude Raleigh
son : Hilary Raleigh
  • Professor

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Literary Movement
Cause of Death
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