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Random Poem of the Day

1Who knows where the graveyard is
2     Where the fox and the eagle lie?
3Who has seen the obsequies
4     Of the red deer when they die?
5With death they steal away
6     Out of the sight of the sun;
7Out of the sight of the living, they
8     Pay the debt and are done.
9No marble marks the place;
10     The common forest brown
11Covers them over with Quaker grace
12     Just where they laid them down.
13But a few years, if you see
14     In summer a deeper green
15Here and there, it is like to be
16     The spot where their bones have been.
17Thus, not more, to the poor dead year:
18     No grave, nor ghostly stone,
19But a greener life and a warmer cheer
20     Be the only sign that he's gone.