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2    Young and immortal maid--
3In your high hand uplifted,
4    The torch declares your trade.
5Its crimson menace, flaming
6    Upon the sea and shore,
7Is, trumpet-like, proclaiming
8    That Law shall be no more.
9Austere incendiary,
10    We're blinking in the light;
11Where is your customary
12    Grenade of dynamite?
13Where are your staves and switches
14    For men of gentle birth?
15Your mask and dirk for riches?
16    Your chains for wit and worth?
17Perhaps, you've brought the halters
18    You used in the old days,
19When round religion's altars
21Behind you, unsuspected,
22    Have you the axe, fair wench,
23Wherewith you once collected
24    A poll-tax for the French?
25America salutes you--
26    Preparing to "disgorge."
27Take everything that suits you,


1] In 1886 Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi's statue of Liberty--entitled "Liberty Lighting up the World"--was opened in New York Harbor. Back to Line
20] Cromwell's bays: Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), Lord Protector of England during the Commonwealth. Back to Line
28] Harry George: US economist (1839-97). Back to Line