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Sonnet 136
3And will, thy soul knows, is admitted there.
4Thus far for love, my love-suit sweet fulfill.
5Will will fulfill the treasure of thy love.
7In things of great receipt with ease we prove,
10Though in thy store's account I one must be,
11For nothing hold me, so it please thee hold


1] check] reprimand. Back to Line
2] thy Will] desire, carnal appetite (OED, "will," n. 1, 2), William (the poet author; OED, "Will," n.3). Back to Line
6] I] sometimes emended to "Aye". full with wills] including the poet and William Herbert, if he is the beloved (in which event Shakespeare implies that he supplied her with his friend). it] The antecedent seems to be "love" (5). will one] "my will, one (of them)"; possibly playing on "William." Back to Line
8] one is reckon'd none] rounded off, we might say. Back to Line
9] untold] uncounted. Back to Line
12] nothing ... some-thing] alluding also to female and male genitalia. Back to Line
13] my name] "Will." still] always. Back to Line
14] lov'st: lovest Q. Back to Line