d' Orléans, Charles

d' Orléans, Charles (1394 - 1465)


Charles was born on 24 November 1394, the first surviving son of Louis d'Orléans and Valentina Visconti of Milan. The Duchess Valentina was banished from court in 1396 and as a result, Charles and his siblings were brought up in their father's multiple châteaux along the Loire. From an early age he was tutored by Nicolas Garbet, his father learned secretary; the young Charles proved himself to be an excellent Latinist as well as a serious reader and writer. After his father's assassination by the Duke of Burgundy in 1407 and his mother's death soon afterward in 1408, Charles came into inheritance and became the Duke of Orléans. Seeking justice for his father's death, Charles allied himself with Bernard (VII), count of Armagnac. The ensuing movements from the Orleanist/Armagnac and Burgundian factions, as well as their variable alliances with the English monarchs are part of the history of the Hundred Years' War. On 25 October, 1415, Charles was captured at the battle of Agincourt and taken to England as a prisoner; as a prince of the French royal bloodline, he was seen as both a financial and a diplomatic asset. Charles would spend the next twenty-five years as a captive under the care of various noble wards. During the course of his captivity he frequently traveled to London with his keepers, many of whom owned houses in the city. These trips allowed Charles to acquire and commission books, and to eventually collect a large library during his time in England. This time also saw the duke composing a body of lyric poetry in both English and French; the former was influenced by the writings of Chaucer and his contemporaries. While his French poetry survives in many texts, his English works, which consist of many ballades and roundels, survive in a single manuscript. After his release from captivity in 1440, Charles settles down in Blois, France, where he was active as a diplomat and a renowned patron of the arts.

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Given Name
Family Name
d' Orléans
Birth Date
November 24, 1394
Death Date
January 4, 1465
Family Relations
father : Louis d' Orléans
mother : Valentina Visconti
brother : Philippe of Valois
brother : Jean of Valois
sister : Marie of Valois
sister : Marguerite of Valois
wife : Isabella of Valois (from 1406 to to 1409)
daughter : Jeanne of Valois
wife : Bonne d'Armagnac (from 1410 to to 1430)
wife : Marie de Clèves (from 1440 to to 1465)
son : Louis XII of France
daughter : Marie d' Orléans
daughter : Anne d' Orléans
Literary Period
Literary Movement
First RPO Edition