Adams, Franklin Pierce

Adams, Franklin Pierce (1881 - 1960)


Born November 15, 1881, Franklin P. Adams worked for forty years as a leading New York newspaper daily columnist and wit penning light verse and a weekly diary that amused a large and literate audience. A few years after graduating from the Armour Scientific Academy in Chicago in 1899, Adams first entered journalism in Chicago. Then, moving to New York, Adams successfully published mass-market light verse up to the 1940s. He knew everyone in the literary world and even became a mentor to Dorothy Parker. Adams' columns, named "Always in Good Humour" and "The Conning Tower," came out in the New York Tribune, the New York World, the New York Herald Tribune, and the New York Post. During World War I he served in France as a captain in the US Intelligence Service. He married Minna Schwartze in 1904 and, after a divorce, Esther Sayles Root in 1925. Adams died in March 23, 1960, survived by his widow and four children. Adams' books of verse include the following:

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Given Name
Franklin Pierce
Family Name
Birth Date
November 15, 1881
Death Date
March 23, 1960
  • Journalist

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