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Random Poem of the Day

1Birthday greetings
2From a friend,
3All thy meetings
4Peace attend.
5Time extended
6Be thy store,
7Bliss appended
9Did the flowers
10Born of May,
11From their bowers
12Choose a day?
13Music ringing,
14On the air,
15Flowers springing
17Chanting gayly,
18Five and eight,
19Make the day we
21Where's the doctor?
22Can you tell,
23How she make her
24Patients well?
25Soul of beauty,
26Day by day,
27To her duty
28Hies away.
29With the sickest,
30Day and night,
31In the thickest
32Of the fight.
33Heaven's treasure
34Be thine end,
35Is the measure
36Of a friend.