Representative Poetry Online

Random Poem of the Day

1Clouds are lovely in the valley
2I've known the moist movement
3reach for its thin shelf of provisions
4Consolation over chaos knows plenty
5about poured clouds
6And you've certainly heard about pleasure
7Less is surely the future
8Opals for the moment
9are sleepful
10Valley, I've known
11movement reach for
12shelves of provisions
13Chaos knows plentya
14chords and you've--
15about pleasure--less
16Some future opal
17moments are sleepful
18Do you know how lovely are clouds
19or about the sound of opals
20you know about this cold portal
21you've known this moist movement
22toward tone, melody over chaotic
23topography of love, how
24valley hope forlorns the Mondays
25through Friday's consolation, a river's
26montage sleep on sadness, you know
27lovely one
28Art inside your name
29cannot be uncoiled
30no itinerary or market
31there's a thin shelf of provisions
32and sustenance to be proven
33so little's worth saying
34Know how lovely
35clouds valley
36sound opals about one
37colder portal
38A moist movement
39tones melody over
40chaotic love rivers any forlorn
42Montage sadness art inside name
43Uncoiled no itinerary
44or market there's
45this thin shelf of
46provisions sustenance to
47be proven opal so
48little worth
51Saying little
52be provisions thin or uncoiled
53river valley montage some
54consolation chaotic over
56Colder and oval sound clouds lovely
57you, one portal
58worth the milky shades, the
59tony hues
60of love's opals