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1O teares, no tears, but raine from beauties skies,
2Making those Lillies and those Roses grow,
3Which ay most faire, now more then most faire show
4While gracefull pitty beautie beautifies.
5O honied sighs, which from that breast doe rise,
6Whose pants do make vnspilling creame to flow,
8As can refresh the hell where my soule fries.
10That eloquence it selfe enuies your praise,
11While sobd out words a perfect Musike giue.
12Such teares, sighs, plaints, no sorrow is, but joy:
13Or if such heauenly signes must proue annoy,
14All mirth fare-wel, let me in sorrow liue.


7] zephires: zephyrs, the mild and pleasant west winds Back to Line
9] plaints: complaints, lamentations, utterances of grief Back to Line