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1I wonder what those lovers mean, who say
2    They have giv'n their hearts away.
3    Some good kind lover tell me how;
4For mine is but a torment to me now.
5  If so it be one place both hearts contain,
6    For what do they complain?
7    What courtesy can Love do more,
8Than to join hearts that parted were before?
9  Woe to her stubborn heart, if once mine come
10    Into the self-same room;
11    'Twill tear and blow up all within,
13  Then shall Love keep the ashes, and torn parts,
14    Of both our broken hearts:
15    Shall out of both one new one make,
17  For of her heart he from the flames will find
18    But little left behind:
19    Mine only will remain entire;
20No dross was there, to perish in the fire.


12] granado: an explosive shell. Back to Line
16] allay: alloy. Back to Line