de Lisle, Leconte

de Lisle, Leconte (1818 - 1894)


Leconte de Lisle (1818-1894) was born on Reunion Island off East Africa. He studied law in France but spent his life as a journalist and translator. Like Vigny, he is a pessimist, but he refuses to express his personal despair. He turns for inspiration to the classics and the Orient. In his cult of perfection of form with erudition, Leconte de Lisle had great influence on the younger poets of his day.

  • "Leconte de Lisle." Representative French Poetry. Ed. Victor E. Graham. 2nd edn. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1965. 86-91.
Given Name
Family Name
de Lisle
Birth Date
October 22, 1818
Death Date
July 17, 1894
  • Librarian

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Literary Movement
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