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Random Poem of the Day

1Slumbring I lay in melancholy bed,
2Before the dawning of the sanguin light:
3When Eccho Shrill, or some Familiar Spright
4Buzzed an Epitaph into my hed.
5Magnifique Mindes, bred of Gargantuas race,
6In grisly weedes His Obsequies waiment,
7Whose Corps on Powles, whose mind triumph'd on Kent,
8Scorning to bate Sir Rodomont an ace.
9I mus'd awhile: and hauing mus'd awhile,
10Iesu, (quoth I) is that Gargantua minde
11Conquerd, and left no Scanderbeg behinde ?
12Vowed he not to Powles A Second bile?
13What bile, or kibe? (quoth that same early Spright)
14Haue you forgot the Scanderbegging wight?
Is it a Dreame? or is the Highest minde,
That euer haunted Powles, or hunted winde,
Bereaft of that same sky-surmounting breath,
That breath, that taught the Timpany to swell?
He, and the Plague contended for the game:
The hawty man extolles his hideous thoughtes,
And gloriously insultes vpon poore soules,
That plague themselues: for faint harts plague themselues.
The tyrant Sicknesse of base-minded slaues
Oh how it dominer's in Coward Lane?
So Surquidry rang-out his larum bell,
When he had girn'd at many a dolefull knell.
The graund Dissease disdain'd his toade Conceit,
And smiling at his tamberlaine contempt,
Sternely struck-home the peremptory stroke.
He that nor feared God, nor dreaded Diu'll,
Nor ought admired, but his wondrous selfe:
Like Iunos gawdy Bird, that prowdly stares
On glittring fan of his triumphant taile:
Or like the ugly Bugg, that scorn'd to dy,
And mountes of Glory rear'd in towring witt:
Alas: but Babell Pride must kisse the pitt.
Powles steeple, and a hugyer thing is downe:
Beware the next Bull-beggar of the towne.
-- -- -- -- -- -- Fata immatura vagantur.