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Co-author of "The Whiffenpoof Song" with George S. Pomeroy.


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  • The End
  • Orpheus Alone
  • The Idea

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  • Eating Poetry
  • From the Long Sad Party
  • Man and Camel
  • My Mother on an Evening in Late Summer
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  • “The Dreadful Has Already Happened
  • Black Maps
  • Coming to This
  • Courtship
  • Eating Poetry
  • Elegy 1969
  • Futility in Key West
  • In Celebration
  • Keeping Things Whole
  • Lines for Winter
  • My Life
  • Mystery and Solitude in Topeka
  • No Words Can Describe It
  • Orpheus Alone
  • Our Masterpiece Is the Private Life
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  • The Idea
  • The Marriage
  • The Minister of Culture Gets His Wish
  • The Mysterious Arrival of an Unusual Letter
  • The Prediction
  • The Untelling
  • To Himself
  • Where Are the Waters of Childhood?


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William Vaughn Moody was born on July 8, 1869, in Spenser, Indiana, and his family moved in 1871 to New Albany. He obtained his B.A. (1893) and M.A. (1894) at Harvard University, where he became co-editor of the Harvard Monthly, and joined its English Department in the 1894-95 academic year as assistant to Louis E. Gates. Moody lectured at the University of Chicago in 1895 and stayed there until 1907 when, having risen to Assistant Professor, he left academe to write poetry. By then he had published three verse plays, The Masque of Judgment (1900), The Fire-Bringer (1904), and The Great Divide (1907), one volume of poems (1901), an edition of Milton's works (1899), and a history of English literature (1907). 1908 earned him a D. Litt. at Yale University and membership in the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Moody married Harriet C. Brainerd on May 7, 1909, and died in Colorado Springs on Oct. 17, 1910.

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