Ostriker, Alicia (1937 - )

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  • Birdcall
  • Demeter to Persephone
  • Exile
  • Insomnia
  • psalm

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  • A Clearing by a Stream
  • A Young Woman, A Tree
  • After the Shipwreck
  • Anxiety About Dying
  • April
  • Boil
  • Contest
  • Daffodils
  • Encountering the Dead
  • Fisherman
  • Helium
  • I Can't Speak
  • In Every Life
  • In the Dust
  • Matisse, Too
  • Message from the Sleeper at Hell's Mouth
  • Metaphor
  • Moth in April
  • Mother/Child: Coda
  • Nude Descending
  • Poem Beginning with a Line by Dickinson
  • Saturday Night
  • Sex
  • Single Woman Speaking
  • Soften and Melt
  • Song
  • Sonnet. To Tell the Truth
  • Stream
  • Taking the Shuttle with Franz
  • The Blessing of the Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog
  • The Change
  • The Dogs at Live Oak Beach, Santa Cruz
  • The End of the Line
  • The History of America
  • The Leaf Pile
  • The Orange Cat
  • The Window, at the Moment of Flame
  • The Woman Who Ran Away
  • Three Men Walking, Three Brown Silhouettes
  • What I Want


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Given Name: 
Family Name: 
Birth Date: 
November 11, 1937
Death Date: 
Family Relations: 
father : David Suskin
mother : Beatrice Suskin
husband : Jeremiah P. Ostriker (from Dec. 1958)
son : Gabriel Ostriker
daughter : Eve Ostriker
daughter : Rebecca Ostriker
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