Lowell, Robert

Lowell, Robert (1917 - 1977)

Index to poems
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Given Name
Robert Traill Spence
Family Name
Lowell, Jr.
Birth Date
March 1, 1917
Death Date
September 12, 1977
Family Relations
father : Robert Traill Spence Lowell
mother : Charlotte Lowell
wife : Jean Stafford (from 1940 to to 1948)
wife : Elizabeth Hardwick (from 1949 to to 1972)
wife : Caroline Blackwood (from 1972)
daughter : Harriet Winslow Lowell
son : Robert Sheridan Lowell
  • St. Marks School

  • Harvard University

  • A.B. Kenyon College

  • Louisiana State University

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Cause of Death
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