Crosbie, Lynn

Crosbie, Lynn (1963 - 0)


Lynn Crosbie has a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto and is a Toronto-based writer. The author of five collections of poems, most recently, Missing Children (McClelland and Stewart, 2003), Crosby is also an anthologist, editing The Girl Wants To: Women's Representations of Sex and the Body (Coach House: 1993), Click: Becoming Feminists (MacFarlane Walter & Ross: 1997), and Plush:5 Gay Poets, with Michael Holmes (Coach House, 1995). She has written two novels, Paul's Case (Insomniac, 1997) and Dorothy L'Amour (HarperCollins, 1999), and a screenplay for Bruce McDonald's company, Shadow Shows. She is a regular columnist for the Globe and Mail.


  • Missing Children. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2003.
  • Queen Rat: new and selected poems. Toronto: Anansi, 1998.
  • Pearl: poems. Concord, Ont.: Anansi, 1996.
  • I eat your flesh: poems. Toronto: Streetcar Editions, 1993.
  • Villain Elle. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1994.
  • Miss Pamela's Mercy. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1992.
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August 7, 1963
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0, 0
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father : Douglas James Crosbie
mother : Heather Mavis Crosbie
husband : Tony Burgess
  • B.A. York

  • M.A. York

  • Toronto

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