Van Duyn, Mona

Van Duyn, Mona (1921 - 2004)


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  • "The Wish To Be Believed"
  • A Bouquet of Zinnias
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  • Advice to a God
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  • Death by Aesthetics
  • Eros to Howard Nemerov
  • Extra Time
  • Falling in Love at Sixty-Five
  • For May Swenson
  • Glad Heart at the Supermarket
  • Homework
  • In Bed with a Book
  • In the Cold Kingdom
  • Insiders
  • Long Stretch Minimalist Sonnet
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sprat in the Kitchen
  • Near Changes
  • Open Letter from a Constant Reader
  • Open Letter, Personal
  • Passing Thought
  • Photographs
  • Since You Asked Me...
  • Sonnet for Minimalists
  • The Ballad of Blossom
  • The Beginning
  • The Burning of Yellowstone
  • The Case of The
  • The Challenger
  • The Creation
  • The Gardener to His God
  • The Gentle Snorer
  • The Good Man
  • The Miser
  • Three Valentines to the Wide World
  • To a Friend Who Threw Away Hair Dyes
  • Views
  • What I Want to Say


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Given Name
Family Name
Van Duyn
Birth Date
March 9, 1921
Death Date
December 2, 2004
Family Relations
father : Earl George Van Duyn
mother : Lora G. Van Duyn
husband : Jarvis A. Thurston (from 31 Aug. 1943)
  • Instructor in English

  • Lecturer

  • Poet in Residence

  • Professor

Literary Period
Literary Movement
Cause of Death