Todhunter, John

Todhunter, John (1839 - 1916)

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Poet, playwright, and pioneer of the Irish literary movement, John Todhunter was born in Dublin on December 30, 1839, and educated at medical school in Trinity College, from which he graduated M.B. in 1867 and M.D. in 1871. In Dublin he acted as Visiting Physician at the Cork Street Fever Hospital and, from 1870 to 1874, Professor of English Literature at Alexandria College. He re-settled in Bedford Park, London, in 1881. His first wife, née Ball, died shortly after their marriage in May 1870. He and his second wife, Dora L. Digby, wed in 1879. For many years he was a member of the Rhymers' Club, and the Sette of Odd Volumes. He died in Chiswick.

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Given Name
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Birth Date
December 30, 1839
Death Date
October 25, 1916
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