Studdert Kennedy, Geoffrey Anketell

Studdert Kennedy, Geoffrey Anketell (1883 - 1929)


Born June 27, 1883, in Leeds, Geoffrey Anketell Studdert Kennedy was educated at Leeds Grammar Shool and Trinity College, Dublin, where he obtained a degree in classics and divinity in 1904. He then studied for the Anglican priesthood at Ripon Clergy College and went on to minister in Rugby and at St. Paul's, Worcester, in 1914. Volunteering as an army chaplain in World War I, Studdert Kennedy earned the nickname Woodbine Willy for his habit of giving Woodbine cigarettes to soldiers in distress. He served with the 46th, 24th, and 42nd Infantry Divisions and was awarded the Military Cross for risking his life to comfort the wounded at Messines Ridge. During the war Woodbine Willy wrote verses for soldiers in the trenches. Llewellyn H. Gwynne, Deputy Chaplain General in France, caused these verses to be printed for the army, among which they enjoyed popularity. Archbishop William Temple said that Studdert Kennedy was "the finest priest" he had known. He ministered at St. Edmund King and Martyr, Lombard Street, London, in 1922. He died on March 8, 1929, in Liverpool and is interred in Worcester. Leeds Parish Church, where his father was curate, has a chapel dedicated to his memory. Woodbine Willy's books of poems include:

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Given Name
Geoffrey Anketell
Family Name
Studdert Kennedy
Woodbine Willy
Birth Date
June 27, 1883
Death Date
March 8, 1929
Family Relations
wife : Emily Studdert Kennedy
  • Trinity College, Dublin

  • Ripon Clergy College

  • Leeds Grammar School

  • Priest

Literary Period
Literary Movement
Buried At
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