Lampson, Frederick Locker (1821 - 1895)


Frederick Locker Lampson was born in London in May, 1821. After a brief education, he obtained clerkships in Somerset House and then the Admiralty in Whitehall. Financial security came when he married Lady Charlotte Bruce in Paris in July 1849, a union that continued until her death in 1872 and issued in a daughter, Eleanor. His claim to fame in poetry is London Lyrics (1857), a collection of light verse that went through many revised editions and was very popular during the Victorian period. Locker also edited an anthology of poetry, Lyra Elegantiarum (1867), as well as a prose-and-verse miscellany, Patchwork (1879). Not long after his wife's death, Locker married again, to a younger Mistress Lampson, whose name he took, and they had four children. He died in Rowfant, Sussex, May 30, 1895, and was interred in Worth churchyard. For a life, see Augustine Birrell, Frederick Locker-Lampson: A Character Sketch (London: Constable, 1920; Z 989 L8B6).

Given Name: 
Frederick Locker
Family Name: 
Birth Date: 
May 29, 1821
Death Date: 
May 30, 1895


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