Henry VI,

Henry VI, (1421 - 1471)


The son of Henry V and Catherine of Valois, Henry was born Dec. 6, 1421, and came to the throne of England and then of France on his father's death, Sept. 1, 1422. John, duke of Bedford, was appointed protector on Dec. 5. Henry was crowned Nov. 12, 1437, and married Margaret of Anjou, April 23, 1445, who was more astute at politics and warfare than her husband, who was pious and deeply concerned with education. For example, he founded both Eton and King's College, Cambridge. Henry lost control of France gradually and was subject to periods of mental derangement. Civil war broke out with the Yorkists in the mid-1450s. He was imprisoned by Yorkist nobility 1460-61, deposed by Edward IV on March 4, 1461, imprisoned by him 1465-1470, restored to the throne briefly Oct. 3, 1470, only to be deposed again by Edward April 11, 1471. Imprisonment followed the Battle of Tewkesbury on May 4, 1471, when his son, Edward, Prince of Wales, was killed. Henry VI was murdered, perhaps by the future Richard III, in the Tower of London on May 21, 1471.

Family Name
Henry VI, king of England
Birth Date
December 6, 1421
Death Date
May 21, 1471
Literary Period
Literary Movement
Cause of Death