Davey, Ernest Raymond

Davey, Ernest Raymond (1921 - 1944)


E. R. "Bus" Davey grew up in London, Ontario. In 1943 he was posted to the Royal Air Force Banff Strike Wing (Scotland) as a member of the 404 squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force. On October 2, 1944, piloting Beaufighter "Q" (#LV 189), Davey died as a result of a mid-air collision with Beaufighter F. "Amongst the effects of F/O Davey a copy of a poem, Extinction (The Airman's Prayer) was discovered. After the discovery, the poem was pinned by one of the aircrew on the door of the Operations building. This haunting prayer to God is believed to have been written by the young airman" (http://www.404squadron.com/Oct1944.html). A memorial stone, which includes the text of his poem, was placed on the floor of Førdefjord, Norway, in June 2008 to commemorate the Black Friday losses of February 9, 1945.

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Given Name
Ernest Raymond
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Birth Date
November 25, 1921
Death Date
October 2, 1944
  • Flying Officer

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