Betjeman, John

Betjeman, John (1906 - 1984)


John Betjeman, son of Ernest Edward Betjemann (a furniture manufacturer) and Mabel Bessie Dawson, was born at Parliament Hill Mansions, north London. John adopted his style of spelling the family name around the age of twenty-one (the name can be traced back to Dutch or German origin). After attending Byron House Montessori School, where he was briefly taught by T. S. Eliot, Betjeman went on to enroll in Magdalen College, Oxford where he studied for three years. After refusing his father's offer to enter the family business, Betjeman worked in various jobs including a position as private secretary to Sir Horace Plunkett, as an assistant editor of the Architectural Review, as a film critic of the London Evening Standard, and as the British Press attaché in Dublin during World Ward II. During this time Betjeman also proved to be a prolific writer. He published frequently during the 1930s and 1940s and achieved great success when the first edition of his Collected Poems (1958) sold over 100,000 copies. Readers were very receptive to Betjeman's work as it was easily accessible and presented them with the nearly forgotten pleasures of rhyme and metre - qualities that were rarely found in modern poetry. Furthermore, Betjeman's poetry focuses on the everyday experiences of his readers, another rarity amongst his contemporaries. By in the 1950's, Betjeman focused on book reviewing, broadcasting and writing poetry. His position as a broadcaster enabled him to attract public attention on his personal passion for architecture; he even managed to save many buildings that were being threatened with demolition. A celebrated national figure, John Betjeman received many honours, including being chosen as poet laureate in 1972 and receiving a knighthood in 1969. During his later years the poet suffered from the onset of Parkinson's disease, and after a series of strokes he died at his home in Trebetherick, Cornwall, on 19 May 1984.

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Given Name
Family Name
Farren, Richard J.
Farren, Richard M.
Birth Date
August 28, 1906
Death Date
May 19, 1984
Family Relations
father : Ernest Edward Betjemann
mother : Bessie Betjemann
wife : Penelope Valentine Hester Betjemann (from 1933 to to 1951)
son : Paul Betjemann
daughter : Candida Betjemann
  • Book reviewer

  • Editor

  • Film critic

  • Britain's press attaché to the high commission in Dublin

  • Broadcaster

Literary Period
Literary Movement
Cause of Death
First RPO Edition