Your Idea of Embracing Horror

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Houseboat on the Styx (Victoria, BC: Ekstasis Editions, 1998): 37. PS 8576 .074 H68 Robarts Library
1Your idea of embracing horror
2was overwhelmed by the horror:
3                                                       in the mild
4milkiness of the afternoon, on the bluff
5that commands a vision of bank towers
6knifing up far higher than the rising, empty
7shell of the moon ... on the height where you stand
8and still can't understand your life
9as anything but slow dying, your time seeps out
10as into a warm bath, the way the exemplary career
12once leaked away.


11] Petronius: Roman Arbiter, author of the Satyricon, and a member of Nero's inner circle who killed himself very gradually by periodic bleeding from the veins. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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