We Were Boys Together

Original Text: 
George P. Morris, The Songs and Ballads of George P. Morris (New York: Cady and Burgess, 1852): 36-37. Internet Archive
1We were boys together,
2    And never can forget
3The school-house on the heather,
4    In childhood where we met --
5The humble home, to memory dear;
6    Its sorrows and its joys.
7Where woke the transient smile or tear
8    When you and I were boys.
9We were youths together.
10    And castles built in air;
11Your heart was like a feather,
12    And mine weighed down with care.
13To you came wealth with manhood's prime,
14    To me it brought alloys
15Fore-shadow'd in the primrose time
16    When you and I were boys.
17We're old men together;
18    The friends we loved of yore,
19With leaves of autumn weather,
20    Are gone for evermore.
21How blest to age the impulse given --
22    The hope time ne'er destroys --
23Which led our thoughts from earth to heaven.
24    When you and I were boys.
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Ian Lancashire / Sharine Leung
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