Original Text: 
d' Orléans, Chalres. The English Poems of Charles of Orleans. Ed. Robert Steele and Mabel Day. London: Oxford University Press, (1940) 1970: 143
1Myn hert thou fondis bi this light
2To fle from lovis company
3It kan not be o fool fy fy
4Thou hast therto parde no myght
5Hath not fortune þe bihight
6To ben his servaunt to thou dey
7            Myn hert
8            To fle from
9Stryue not with him y rede nor fight
10lest þou þe sorer hit aby
11But meekly þou his mercy cry
12Of þat þou wolde haue tane a flight
13            Myn hert
14            To fle from
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Ian Lancashire, assisted by Ana Berdinskikh
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