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d' Orélans, Chalres. The English Poems of Charles of Orleans. Ed. Robert Steele and Mabel Day. London: Oxford University Press, (1940) 1970: 128
Ch. 232, C XLVII
1Ye are to moche as in my dette madame
2Ye owe me swete to many cossis dere
3Which wold fulle fayne if hit were yowr plesere
4Ye payde hem me in savyng of yowre name
5So that of dette y ought yow not to blame
6Which dar not don me thenke hit for daungere
7              Ye are to
8              Ye owe me
9Wite ye y haue a writ out for the same
10To tache yow with/y rede yow pay hem here
11lest ye be restid with an officere
12Of loue fy fy hit were to gret a shame
13              Ye are to
14              Ye owe me
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Ian Lancashire, assisted by Ana Berdinskikh
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