Sonnets from the Portuguese: XXXIV

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A Selection from the Poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. First Series. New Edition. London: Smith, Elder, & Co., 1886. 1: 181-202.
1With the same heart, I said, I'll answer thee
2As those, when thou shalt call me by my name-
3Lo, the vain promise! is the same, the same,
4Perplexed and ruffled by life's strategy?
5When called before, I told how hastily
6I dropped my flowers or brake off from a game,
7To run and answer with the smile that came
8At play last moment, and went on with me
9Through my obedience. When I answer now,
10I drop a grave thought, break from solitude;
11Yet still my heart goes to thee-ponder how-
12Not as to a single good, but all my good!
13Lay thy hand on it, best one, and allow
14That no child's foot could run fast as this blood.
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Marc R. Plamondon
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