Sonnets from the Portuguese: XV

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A Selection from the Poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. First Series. New Edition. London: Smith, Elder, & Co., 1886. 1: 181-202.
1Accuse me not, beseech thee, that I wear
2Too calm and sad a face in front of thine;
3For we two look two ways, and cannot shine
4With the same sunlight on our brow and hair.
5On me thou lookest with no doubting care,
6As on a bee shut in a crystalline;
7Since sorrow hath shut me safe in love's divine,
8And to spread wing and fly in the outer air
9Were most impossible failure, if I strove
10To fail so. But I look on thee-on thee-
11Beholding, besides love, the end of love,
12Hearing oblivion beyond memory;
13As one who sits and gazes from above,
14Over the rivers to the bitter sea.
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Marc R. Plamondon
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