To a Skylark

Original Text: 
William Wordsworth, Poetical Works (London: Longman, 1827). B-11 0716 1-5 Fisher Rare Book Library (Toronto).
1Ethereal minstrel! pilgrim of the sky!
2Dost thou despise the earth where cares abound?
3Or, while the wings aspire, are heart and eye
4Both with thy nest upon the dewy ground?
5Thy nest which thou canst drop into at will,
6Those quivering wings composed, that music still!
7Leave to the nightingale her shady wood;
8A privacy of glorious light is thine;
9Whence thou dost pour upon the world a flood
10Of harmony, with instinct more divine;
11Type of the wise who soar, but never roam;
12True to the kindred points of Heaven and Home!
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RPO poem Editors: 
J. R. MacGillivray
RPO Edition: 
3RP 2.1827.