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Mary Electa Adams, From Distant Shores: Poems ([Toronto: 1898]): [24]. Internet Archive
1Hast thou had hours when life seemed empty all,
2And waste the garden thou wert set to till,
3Like tide-swept sands that only white and still
4Unanswering lay beneath the heaven's gray pall?
5No ripening fruit to offer at His call,
6Discouragement hath waited on the will;
8Out of the silence, on thy hearing fall:
9"I could not rest till I had come to see
10And tell you how your life hath blessed mine own"?
11Burst a cool spring; the heart, refreshed and free,
12Went on its way under a smiling sun.
13If ever this had happened unto thee,
14Thou knowest a joy that's next to God's "Well done!"


7] bro't: brought. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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