At Quebec

Original Text: 
Jean Blewett, Heart Songs (Toronto: George N. Morang, 1897): 230. Internet Archive.
1Quebec, the grey old city on the hill,
2    Lies with a golden glory on her head,
3Dreaming throughout this hour so fair--so still--
4    Of other days and all her mighty dead.
5The white doves perch upon the cannons grim,
6    The flowers bloom where once did run a tide
7Of crimson, when the moon rose pale and dim
8    Above the battlefield so grim and wide.
9Methinks within her wakes a mighty glow
10    Of pride, of tenderness--her stirring past--
11The strife, the valor, of the long ago
12    Feels at her heartstrings. Strong, and tall, and vast,
13She lies, touched with the sunset's golden grace,
14    A wondrous softness on her grey old face.
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Ian Lancashire
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