Protest of a Young Intellectual

Original Text: 
Don Marquis, Love Sonnets of a Cave Man and Other Verses (Garden City, New York: Doubleday, Doran, 1928): 72-73. PS 3525 A797L6 Robarts Library
1God never plucks me by the sleeve
2    And begs for my advice,
3And since He doesn't all His works
4    Leave me cold as ice.
5The dust of all the vulgar moons
6    And planets overhead
7Is just the same inferior dirt
8    I daily spurn and tread.
9Considering the soul I have,
10    I think it quite unfair
11That all the air I get to breathe
12    Is ordinary air!
13Considering the thoughts I think
14    And state with every breath
15It's odd my views have not been asked
16    Concerning life and death.
17Considering my brains, 'tis strange --
18    (If it is nothing worse!)
19That God has not consulted me
20    About the universe.
21Since God does naught but frown at me,
22    I shall do more than frown!
24    And shake the Cosmos down!


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Ian Lancashire
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