An Open Erotics of Gzowski

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Margaret Christakos, Sooner (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2005): 103.
2for the world's brooding power to scintillate our aliveness
3in physical space To animate us to our own
4skin's porous interest in exchanging matter with the matter
5both inside and beyond its seal The voice's perfume
6crosses the bleak dark valley we like to consider
7the separateness of the individual; it lets us be
8in the midst of an erotic thrall while we
9rinse our mugs and wipe our stained cupboards It
10assures us the body is not a married organ
11properly bound to one dock but a canoe, okay,
12careening on a fluid carpet of whimsy and longing
13virtually upended in a spray of language, seriously amorous
14about the sea world and all the voices its sheathlike
15structure would and can contain


1] Peter Gzowski (1934-2002), Canadian reporter, 15 years the host of Morningside, a CBC radio show of interviews in which Canada gradually came to understand who it was. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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