The Mullein Meadow

Original Text: 
Jean Blewett's Poems (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1922): 228. Internet Archive.
2    The lusty thistle springs,
3The butterflies go criss-cross,
4    The lonesome catbird sings,
5The alderbush is flaunting
6    Her blossoms white as snow--
7The same old mullein meadow
8    We played in long ago.
9The waste land of the homestead,
10    The arid sandy spot,
11Where reaper's song is never heard,
12    Where wealth is never sought,
13But where the sunshine lingers,
14    And merry breezes come
15To gather pungent perfumes
16    From the mullein-stalks a-bloom.
17There's a playground on the hillside,
18    A playhouse in the glade,
19With mulleins for a garden,
20    And mulleins for a shade.
21And still the farmer grumbles
22    That nothing good will grow
23In this old mullein meadow
24    We played in long ago!


1] mullein: tall plant with greyish woolly leaves and flowers arranged equidistantly along a single elongated stalk. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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