The Last Buccaneer

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The Miscellaneous Writings, Speeches and Poems of Lord Macaulay (London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1880): 385. PR 4963 A1 1880a Robarts Library.
1The winds were yelling, the waves were swelling,
2    The sky was black and drear,
3When the crew with eyes of flame brought the ship without a name
4    Alongside the last Buccaneer.
6    When all others drive bare on the seas?
9"From a shore no search hath found, from a gulf no line can sound,
10    Without rudder or needle we steer;
12    As we fly by the last Buccaneer.
14    A loud crash, and a louder roar;
15And to-morrow shall the deep, with a heavy moaning, sweep
16    The corpses and wreck to the shore."
18    In the breath of the citron shades;
22    The seaman goes forth without fear;
23For since that stormy night not a mortal hath had sight
24    Of the flag of the last Buccaneer.


5] sloop: single-mast and single-headsail boat. Back to Line
7] Salvador: Sao Salvador, Bahia, a Brazilian sea-port. Back to Line
8] Caribbees: the Lesser Antilles, islands in the West Indies including Trinidad and Barbados. Back to Line
11] bark: small sailing ship. Back to Line
13] Cape de Verde: islands in the Atlantic off west Africa. Back to Line
17] Clyde: river in Scotland flowing northwest into the Firth of Clyde, a ship-building region. Back to Line
19] Severn: river flowing from central Wales and emptying into the Bristol Channel. Back to Line
20] Trades: trade winds. Back to Line
21] St. Jago: one of the Cape de Verde islands.
Havannah: Havana, Cuba. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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