Grounds 18A

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Margaret Christakos, wipe. under. a. love (Toronto: Mansfield Press, 2000): 84.
1wipe beneath love until it is clean
2swept. i could do this daily
3alas i forget and then we are dirty again
4wretchedly dirty. even our speeches
5strafed with mud and misery and ill will.
6well, this hotel room, especially the white linen
7wheeling-in of a common club sandwich,
8helped, as does the sensual rescue, ingenuities
9we really should have tried earlier. beer
10is a decent aphrodisiac and included
11in the weekend package, my drunken compliments to your
12calf hairs and neckline, to this exhausted
13dawn that comes stealthy and voluptuous
14as quiet. lord we love our children
15yet this silence corrects us, connives
16for more silence, and so we must speak
17dialectically about love now. there is us and
18the umbrella organization, the mutual commission of us,
19to tidy up after, scrubbing as recommended
20under the sheets, occult as lovers again.
21wipe again. recommended alas
22us, wretchedly and strafed speak
23well, connives wheeling-in children helped,
24voluptuous we exhausted is your
26ingenuities as sandwich, yet white linen
27for will. dialectically speeches the
28again to daily under clean
29clean again for
30the linen ingenuities
31in dawn your
33speak us, wipe
36alas speak us, voluptuous well,
37in dawn the linen clean again


25] in: playing on "inn"? Back to Line
32] voluptuous well: sexual word-play. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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Copyright © Margaret Christakos and used by permission of the poet. Authorization to republish this poem must be obtained from her in writing.