G3. Social Scientist

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Margaret Christakos, Excessive Love Prostheses (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2002): 34-35.
3like / mirror images are the general childhood /
4can. Over and over, just rewind the
5being a dismissable time of random / experience
6torment after the breakup part. Now you
7gathering and the degree most / biographers of
8the enamourment part, or the languishing in
9famous personalities root subject's / greatness from the
10part, or the sex part, or perhaps
11events of and / childhood. The same thing
12parts of a video, perhaps the flirting
13happens parties. / Inevitably you find out something
14see a video again, or just certain
15guest's / childhood. Each guest introduces who to /
16Very much the way you want to
17be, or sets out some to / how
18and drinks are held securely in laps.
19they got the way as / a way
20it to the screen as the popcorn*
21of filling in absence / of new and
22key the memory processing which can return
23current information might / have downloaded from the
24The more remote the experience the more
25Internet before / but did not. they have
26made up one's life to this point.
27but / to begin to unearth idiosyncratic saccharine /
28the recalling of what it is that
29or depressing autobiography which tends each / guest
30Most of the pleasure of living is
31toward a grinding self-examining it / is my
32I claim ownership. This was my life.
33job to return magnificent / dessert until real
34of an erotically charged past to which
35ideas start again / across the table, conversation
36steamy scenes, significant touches, the established vocabulary
37volume a / respectable level, and discussion about
38my skull. I would conjure up the
39and / general information topics resumes.
40had to concentrate, like looking hard inside
* In order to see you again I


1] Cf. "G2. Host," line 1. Back to Line
2] Cf. "G1. Video Technician," line 27. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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