G1. Video Technician

Original Text: 
Margaret Christakos, Excessive Love Prostheses (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2002): 32.
2experience video, perhaps or after
3and play
4it. play and the rewind
5just breakup the after the
6perhaps or perhaps video, a
7a see to in securely
8held the to it more
9the experience life one's up
10the is living was This
11ownership, an of vocabulary up
12conjure would concentrate, to had
13In order to see you again I had to concentrate,
14like looking hard inside my skull, I would conjure up
15the steamy scenes, significant touches, the established vocabulary of an
16erotically charged past to which I claim ownership. This was
17my life. Most of the pleasure of living is the
18recalling of what it is that made up one's life
19to this point. The more remote the experience the more
20key the memory processing which can return it to the
21screen as the popcorn and drinks are held securely in
22laps. Very much the way you want to see a
23video again, or just certain parts of a video, perhaps
24the flirting part, or the sex part, or perhaps the
25enamourment part, or the languishing in torment after the breakup
26part. Now you can. Over and over, just rewind the
27tape, find the part and play it.


1] This poem, "G2. Host," and "G3. Social Scientist" are a sequence. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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