Double Take

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Blue Panic (Windsor, Ontario: Black Moss Press, 1991): 21. PS 8587 .U52 B58 Robarts Library
1It happened
3The rain
4had scattered its reflections
5on the pavement; the houses
6leaned to see.
7Perhaps the way they leaned,
8tired but expectant,
9or the musky smell
10of their nostalgic look --
11Suddenly the double take.
12I walked ten years back.
13Not in my mind
14but there. The pavement shook
15another street loose.
16I walked in France:
17The sandy grit, the smell of vinery,
18the eye-glaze of late rain
19tangible as steam.
20I walked two streets --
22Their locus, or their focus
23I look twice.


2] major east-west shopping thoroughfare in downtown Toronto. Back to Line
21] coeval: from the same time period. Back to Line
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Ian Lancashire
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