A December Day

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R. F. Murray, The Scarlet Gown: Being Verses by a St. Andrews Man, 2nd edn., intro. by Andrew Lang (Glasgow: James MacLehose, 1909): 32-33. LE M9837sc Robarts Library
1Blue, blue is the sea to-day,
2    Warmly the light
3Sleeps on St. Andrews Bay --
4    Blue, fringed with white.
5That's no December sky!
6    Surely 'tis June
7Holds now her state on high,
8    Queen of the noon.
9Only the tree-tops bare
10    Crowning the hill,
11Clear-cut in perfect air,
12    Warn us that still
13Winter, the aged chief,
14    Mighty in power,
15Exiles the tender leaf,
16    Exiles the flower.
17Is there a heart to-day,
18    A heart that grieves
19For flowers that fade away,
20    For fallen leaves ?
21Oh, not in leaves or flowers
22    Endures the charm
23That clothes those naked towers
24    With love-light warm.
25O dear St. Andrews Bay,
26    Winter or Spring
27Gives not nor takes away
28    Memories that cling
29All round thy girdling reefs,
30    That walk thy shore,
31Memories of joys and griefs
32    Ours evermore.
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Ian Lancashire
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