Death of the Eagle

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Sonnets of José-Maria de Heredia, trans. Edward Robeson Taylor (San Francisco: W. Doxey, 1897): 153. Internet Archive

1Although beyond the eternal snows, aspires
2The vast-winged eagle still to loftier air,
3That nearer to the sun in blue more clear
4He may renew his eyeball's splendid ires.
5He rises. Sparks in torrents he inspires.
6Still up, in proud, calm flight, he glories where
7The storm breeds lightnings in its inmost lair;
8Whereat his wings are smit by their fierce fires.
9With scream, in waterspout borne whirlingly,
10Shriveled, sublimely tasting flame's last kiss,
11He plunges to the fulgurant abyss.
12Happy he who, for Fame or Liberty,
13In strength's full pride and dream's enrapturing bliss
14Dies such undaunted, dazzling death as this.
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Ian Lancashire
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