And this my hope sits high for time must pass

Original Text: 
S. de V. Julius, Poems (London: Longmans, 1928): 107-08. British Library 011644.eee.52
1And this my hope sits high for time must pass,
2Made up of seconds, minutes, hours and days,
3-- Horology recorded on the grass
4In dial shadow where the Sunlight plays:
5And things that mattered more give place by place
6To things that matter less, and less, and less;
7And all the World and all that it embrace
8Stamps each successive day with less impress.
9Yet Time the coiner, with recurring beat,
10No false nor counterfeit presentment mints,
11But just alloy of sorrow and defeat
12With purest gold of love and patience prints,
13That one day shall be uttered proof above
14All base and flattering currency of love.
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 2001