Along with Youth

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Ernest Hemingway, Three Stories & Ten Poems (Dijon: Maurice Darantiere, 1923): 57. Facsimile edition by Contact Publishing, 1977. PS 3515 E37A15 Robarts Library.
1A porcupine skin,
2Stiff with bad tanning,
3It must have ended somewhere.
4Stuffed horned owl
6Yellow eyed;
8Sooted with dust.
9Piles of old magazines,
10Drawers of boy's letters
11And the line of love
12They must have ended somewhere.
13Yesterday's Tribune is gone
14Along with youth
15And the canoe that went to pieces on the beach
16The year of the big storm
17When the hotel burned down


7] Chuck-wills-widow: bird, goatsucker, found in the southern United States. Back to Line
18] Seney, Michigan: the Mansion House (Complete Poems, ed. Nicholas Gerogiannis, rev. edn. [1992]: 139). Back to Line
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Ernest Hemingway, Three Stories and Ten Poems (Paris, 1923).
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Ian Lancashire
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RPO 1999.